Computer Repair

The bread and butter of Hamilton Computer Service are, of course, repairing computers. It’s seldom a question of if, but when your computer will need fixing whether due to virus or trojan attacks, obsolescence, or even simple accumulation of dirt and dust. Our service techs have over a 20-year track record of restoring and repairing computers.


Custom Technology Solutions

Is a catchall term that means anything requiring a fix that doesn’t come out of a neat little box. It can vary from installing an expanded wifi network, making your network of computers run more effectively or simply connecting your computer to your printer. Custom technology solutions is the go-to for all technical problems big and small.


Remote Monitoring and Management

RMM manages a computer or network from a remote location. It helps ensure optimal network stability, detects issues before they cause crises or critical system failure, enhances the performance of clients’ systems and extends the life span of clients’ systems and devices.


Custom Built Computers

Our techs can custom-build a computer in-house to suit your specific needs. If you’re unsure of what your needs may be our service technicians can help you diagnose what those needs are.


Data Recovery

If you have data that has been lost, accidentally deleted, corrupted or made inaccessible our techs can attempt to restore that data.



If your computer wasn’t built in the past decade it’s probably in need of an upgrade. Our service techs can install new components to breathe new life into it and extend the vigor of your pc.


Remote Repair

Our service technicians can repair your home computer remotely from the HCS repair shop thus removing any need to drop it off at our storefront saving you travel time.


Hosted Phones

If you’re a business requiring multiple telephone lines our service technicians can set your business up with a network of hosted phones so you can manage incoming calls professionally.